An Autonomous

Open Science Society

A professional society for high impact scientists with verified open science activity. Link academic credentials, mint a unique profile, publish openly, and receive rewards.
Applications Open Soon

Science needs a firmware update

Join us and experiment with a web-native autonomous framework for research that is community-owned, built on open source protocols, runs on a decentralized network, and engineered for digital collaboration.


A portable account for web-native scientists that can be used to interact with any DeSci web application. Choose to be pseudonymous or not. Control how you present your scientific persona online. Prove your credentials while remaining private.

Fellowship & Research

The OpSci dWeb Fellowship is a 12-week program that provides a stipend for talented undergraduates, students, and post-doctoral scholars to work on open source software development and basic research that aligns with the Opscientia mission.

An Open Science Commons

Commons is a free, open-access platform for publishing and discovering large scientific datasets, computational workflows, and digital laboratory notebooks. Knowledge artifacts are permanently archived on decentralized storage networks.
Funding schemes and how the publish-or-perish cycle gets us trapped in salami-slicing results. Also, the publishing industry hijacking the Open Access philosophy for their own profit.



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